Wednesday, November 24, 2010


   I met my best buddy in August, 2009. Wrigley, my boxer mix, was waiting for my at the Franklin County Humane Society. As soon as I saw him, I knew he would be my dog. I ran up to him and watched as he stumbled over his paws and couldn't regain his balance. He came into my life permanently two nights later.

   More than a year later, Wrigley is still as clumsy as he was that August. Now, rather than tripping over his own feet, he stumbles into things and cleans the table with his tail. I can't begin to describe how dangerous that tail can be, but it is just perfect for him.

  Wrigley is 75 pounds of curisoity, spunk, and love. He is happiest when someone is scratching his ears or tossing a ball so he can chase it. I love everything about his craziness, even though it can be overwhelming at times.

   He brings joy to my life everyday. Whether he is laying at my side, giving my face a slobber bath, or tilting his head when I talk to him as though he is trying to understand what I am saying, I know he loves me for me. Dogs are such gentle creatures that just want to be fed on time and given a little attention. Two small tasks make owners heros to their furry friends.

   I have learned so much about myself through my dog. He has taught me patience and to appreciate little things. Just taking a walk around the block makes him the happiest dog in the world. I can tell how much he appreciates the exercise and the time outside and it makes me realize what I appreciate.

   Considering my blog is focused on animals, you can bet that I will be updating about Wrigley all of the time. He was my inspiration for this blog and although it has been months since I have updated, I figured it was time I tell you about the one "man" who will always be my number one.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adopted Pet Update

Axel, an energetic Rottweiler mix, was adopted by the Boney family from the Athens County Dog Shelter in May, 2008. Axel was 1 ½ years old when he found his forever home with the Boneys’.

The Boney family began their search for Axel after their long-time pet and family member, Sarge, passed away from cancer. Janey Boney, with help from a family friend found Axel on and immediately made the trip to see him. Both Janey and her husband felt an instant connection to Axel and adopted him within a few days. Janey found out through a friend at the Humane Society that Axel was the next dog to be put down. The Boney family saved his life and the connection became a life-long bond.

The Boney family quickly found that Axel was a perfect fit. Although Axel is mainly an outdoor dog (weather permitting,) Janey says that he is still an intricate part of the family.

“Axel is a very gentle and social dog! He talks to us even when he’s outside,” Janey says.

Axel’s best canine friend, Connor, was abandoned on the street before Janey’s son found him and brought him home. Along with Connor, Axel has three other playmates; cats. Janey describes all five pets as her four-legged children.

“I have one human son but I always refer to my pets as my four-legged children or my fur babies… There are times when all five pets will be in the family room watching T.V. with us,” She says.

Axel has been known to lay his head in Janey’s lap while watching T.V. She says that Axel loves to cuddle and is extremely loving. He also loves kids and to give kisses.

After talking to Janey it is very clear that Axel is very loved by his family and found an incredible forever home.